Sunday, 26 January 2014

Background Exploration

I love it
This post is all about backgrounds. To get started I'll just show you a few real quick thumbnails splashes I started off with to get the gist of the location and the sort of area we're going for. I've even chucked in an initial design of our life drawing model to stand there and look pretty.

Traditional really wasn't going to work for us with this, it just didn't seem right as it wasn't cartoony enough for the type of animation. Then that left us with figuring out style that would work.
I've done some research on the type of backgrounds we want for our piece and got a lot of inspiration in 'Eliot the Kid' backgrounds which can be found at I like the looseness of the line work and how it isn't always consistent with the colour bocks.
Rather than going all in however, I thought it'd be a smarter move to just test out whether the technique and style worked for me and I did a few pages of props that could be in our backgrounds.
This would be for our life drawing room. Since they're usually very bland I used dulled colours and there isn't many props to work with, so I added an ugly statue. Let's be honest, they all have one. My main success with this is that the line work outside the colour would distract attention from the background which is exactly what we want with this. The more attention on the characters the better.
Our park props. I fiddled about with different shaped trees, I can easily mix and match the leaves with the bark so I have plenty to work with from this, though it never hurts to do more. I particularly like the lampost which I feel I got inspiration from the 2013 Disney's 'Mickey Mouse' shorts That program is some really beautiful stuff.
Lastly, these are some extra props. I did play around with the line work outside the colour for buildings but it doesn't have the same pretty effect it had for the props, it just look messy to me. It would be ok if there wasn't meant to be focus on them but we need a building to focus on for a few clips so we'll likely go with something similar to the building on the right; but with more detail.
I will say though, I had fun drawing the wrecking balls, I could do it all day. If that job existed, I would be all up on that.

Katy's website is still until she sorts a blog. Until then I will be poking her with a hot stick.
That's all for now.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

And it begins...

the Major Project

Yes. The time is now. I haven't posted for a while as it's been a crazy couple weeks but I'm back and I've got some Major Project designs (yes I'm going to capitalize it every time because it deserves it). For this lengthy project I'm working on a short 1 to 2 minute film with (she doesn't have a blog yet but I'll beat one out of her).

It stars a life drawer, a life model, an angry lady with her baby pram and a duck. But that's all I'm saying right now.

Onward ho! So, character design doesn't always come to me straight away. Well, its been a while since I've crawled into that little space of animation anyway so it took me a little while to get into it. I give you, the beginning of Paddy, the main character. And there's a couple birds and a life model face chucked in there somewhere. Woops.

These ones were mostly for body shape etc. We're headed for nice and simple. Me and Katy (Katy and I?) had discussions and we've finally decided he's going to look roughly like this.

This was generally me getting familiar with him and seeing what felt most comfortable and looked best when drawing him. He'll be finalised pretty soon. I think he's kind of adorable, when he's not looking creepy. He's like a human-cow-monkey hybrid.
I'll get back to you on other designs and aspects as the project continues but for now I give you

Paddy: the Cowmankey

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Very Student Christmas

Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas. Mine has been pretty hectic but I thought I'd share some of my Christmas gift sketches this year. It starts with the Mad Hatter, for my Johnny Depp and Alice in Wonderland obsessed friend.
It could be better. I like it but his face and hair is all out of whack. I can just say that was a metaphorical artistic choice of whatever though so, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Next is a Tom Cruise-ified Stacee Jaxx. I'm taking the "YOU EVEN GOT HIS NIPPLE PERFECT!" as a positive, if slightly worrying, reaction...

My pencils decided to take a strike with this last one I drew and would snap every time I sharpened them so I'm just seeing something really weird about the shading. And that heart tattoo came out way too red. The receiver of the gift loved it though and really, that's all that matters so I'm not too distraught.
Now you can have a bit of Colin Farrell. There's not too much to say about this one, I'm actually quite proud of it. It was a nice simple change from fiddly bits of detailed hats and tats so I really enjoyed drawing it.
Of course, I always see little tiny faults and dislikes when I look back at something I've drawn after a day of finishing it but I'll keep that too myself this time.
And last but not least, it's a guy from McFly that my cousin unhealthily adores. One of the ones beginning with a 'D'. I actually did this last year for her and just got a photo of it but it counts.
She couldn't have picked a more annoying picture really. There was a sleeve of tattoos, he has freckles, a shiny Rolex watch, tiny thin stripes on his shirt and a bead necklace but I persevered and I like it. Especially the tattoos. I love the tattoos.
That's all I've got this year. Hopefully I have more sketches done before next Christmas.
Until next time.